Slot Machine Genres

Slot Machine Genres

In the online genre, slot machines may look a little different. Yet in truth, all slot machines are basically the same physically speaking. They may have many varying designs that set the exterior arrangement of every slot machine apart from the rest but under the hood, there is really very little difference.

The most obvious difference that can be said about slot machines is in the area of payoffs, which largely depends on the kind of machine. Slots have traditionally been known to fall under two general classifications namely the single line slots and the multiline slots. Single line slots are usually composed of one line of reels, an average of about 4 or 5 wheels.

Multiline slots on the other hand involve a larger number of wheels and are often more complicated than the single lines. This is because in multilines, the winning combinations may be seen in a number of given lines. For example, there are multiline slots with paylines, which means a set of vertical lines along which a winning combination must be formed; or the line may not be vertical, it may be in horizontal, diagonal, zigzag, or strange curve forms. Whatever the required payline is, a given slot machine will usually draw a player a figure of how his combinations have formed together and if an accepted combination is formed, the machine will make an automatic calculation of the player’s winnings.

There is also another variation of the slot machines which is the jackpot or sometimes known as the progressive slots. This is where the machine accumulates a certain fraction of every player’s bet and kept in a virtual pot. Each time the top prize is not won, more players place their bets. This allows the jackpot prize to continuously grow which can reach to as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars. The lucky player (lucky indeed) who eventually gets the winning combination could possibly walk away with a million dollars in jackpot prize, especially if the pot is kept frozen for an extended period of time.

While slot machines have undergone major changes in recent years especially with its integration into online gambling sites, playing with the machine is still an enjoyable experience because it requires no special gambling skill and involves little interaction between the player and a dealer. In addition, payoffs in slots are quite high, often beating the odds of winning in a regular card game like poker or blackjack.