Gold Star School of Gaming

Gold Star School of Gaming

Welcome to Las Vegas’s choice for table games dealers: Gold Star School of Gaming.

I would like to share a review I saw of this dealing school on It was on the filtered list, but I think it speaks for itself. Yelp filters a lot of reviews… Especially reviews that were written by the business owner! But still, it’s a humble review. I think it expresses the character of Gold Star School of Gaming and this page is devoted to that school, so I would like to share the review with you…

“A five-star review, but I am the owner of Gold Star School of Gaming, so I’m certainly biased. The difference between Gold Star and the other gaming schools is simple: the quality of instruction. I have been incredibly lucky in my hiring. At Gold Star, the instructors have very impressive resumes: Wynn Las Vegas, Wynn Macau, Venetian, Cosmopolitan, Hard Rock, M Resort, MGM, Hilton, Rio, etc. I encourage anyone looking to attend a dealing school to learn from the people who work where they want to eventually work. And at Gold Star School of Gaming, you’ll receive just that: a quality education from those who have been there.”

I completely agree with this sentiment. Gold Star School of Gaming is successful because of the staff. Teaching jobs aren’t always the best paid positions in America be it kindergarten, high school, college, university, or trade schools. So teachers tend to be a special breed of people. They are teaching because they care. They want to teach. They want to be there for the students. I find it fascinating that every teacher at the school currently has or has had a high paid position in a casino. They love the casino business and are teaching because they care.

Not to mention… Gold Star School of Gaming is a FUN PLACE! It makes sense, doesn’t it? Dealing is a fun job. You get paid to deal cards, chat with people, and look at eye candy all night long. What other job do you get to interact with so many people partying who are just looking to have a good time!? Sure, waitresses meet a lot of people. Bartenders hear a lot of stories. But no one has more dedicated time building relationships with customers than dealers.

A good blackjack dealer cranks out 650 hands per hour. Every hand played needs a decision: hit, stay, double down, or split. That creates 650 opportunities to interact with people. If you become a Las Vegas casino dealer, you are sure to meet a lot of interesting people!

In my time as a dealer, I’ve found love, received financial advice, and was the recipient of tons of generous presents. Customers who have enjoyed their time playing blackjack with me have left books and clothing for me with the concierge. They’ve given me concert tickets. I even met a chiropractor who gave me a free adjustment and I started seeing him regularly!

Of course, this is all a byproduct of loving my job. I never asked for or expected gifts, advice, or love. It just happened naturally the way that life happens. And it all started with school.

Come and see for yourself. After an afternoon practicing dealing with your classmates, you’ll make some new friends and you’ll have a good time. It’s not all just fun and games it’s also a career opportunity.